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Anonymously rate each other’s profiles

Get frank feedback from the crowd you wish to enamor — up your dating, social and professional game!

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How it works

Add a profile picture and an optional bio. Select the age and gender of users to rate how smart, sexy, funny, and trusty you look, with comments. Iterate until you are ready to put your optimal profile to use somewhere on the internet.

There are no ads and we don’t sell your data; you may choose to buy credits for creating profile surveys if you’re too lazy to earn them by rating profiles 😇


Which profile picture is most attractive? Is the bio funny? You could experiment, but that takes time and you won’t know why a variation gets more matches. If you have friends of the age and gender you’re attracted to you could try picking their brains but they won’t be frank.

Enamor makes it easy to determine the strengths and weaknesses of multiple profile options at once.

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Are you an “influencer”, or just want to look your best? Learning the strengths and weaknesses your profile empowers you to iterate.

Enamor is a safe space to learn how certain ages and genders respond to your profile to try new looks.

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Do you appear trustworthy and smart? Your profiles are vital to everyday work — they can be the first, and sometimes only impression people have of you.

Enamor gives you the hard data you need to pick your best profile picture, or go back to the drawing board.

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